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Early Childhood classroom

     Founded in 1948, Racker serves over 3,500 people and families throughout the Cortland, Tioga and Tompkins Counties. We provide programs and services for all ages and abilities with a focus of creating a world where all people know they belong.

     As a voluntary provider of services and contracts with several different oversite agencies in New York State, Racker meets the needs of our community with a wide continuum of services. We operate 26 residential homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our programs reach into our community through volunteering, goal directed activities and self-advocacy. Racker provides opportunity and the choice for everyone to write their own narrative each day. 

     Our organization creates belonging while providing young people the tools they need to succeed. Racker’s Early Childhood Program embraces children of all abilities in the classroom, clinical therapies, childcare and early intervention. Countless stories of growth and inspiration have resonated in our communities since our founding families created opportunities for their children in the 1940’s.

Resident with Community Support Professional

     Our agency is proud of our partnerships with local schools and BOCES where our story of belonging continues. Racker provides social work and an environment of safety and belonging for young people in need of more support. We partner with local community groups and businesses to support our programs and build an inclusive environment. Racker utilizes the academic resources of our local colleges and universities for board work, fundraisers and inclusive activities.

    Our staff includes social workers, nurses, direct support professionals, clinicians, teachers, and community support professionals. We employ over 800 caring and dedicated individuals who represent the best of our community. Their work demands compassion, attention to detail and an understanding of each person receiving services. They are the bedrock of our mission of belonging. In 2022, Racker was able to provide a living wage for every employee in our agency.

    Racker is proud of the quality of services and programs that we deliver to the community. Throughout our long history, we have helped and supported tens of thousands of people and their families. And our work continues every hour, of every day, as we strive to create a world where all people know they belong.

Employee Numbers By County

County  Percentage of Employees
Cortland 22%
Tioga 27%
Tompkins 51%

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Donor Report

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